the places we go to feel small

I'm all about

the wild...

...The raw unforgiving environment that inhabits the edges of our world, the places that make us feel small. As an artist my current work explores the reasons we strive to conquer and go out into these beautifully dangerous places, and to try to understand the reason(s) we tred on the edge in order to rekindle a relationship with our wild, raw self.

Not surprising I'm a keen environmentalist and I'm lucky enough to be surround by scientists and keen lovers of the outdoors. Over the next few years as I now dedicate my full working life to my work (argh) I hope to explore ways to unite art and science within my creative out pourings to educate and understand mine, and your place in the world, using scientific knowledge and creative thought. Maybe in my own tiny way I can help preserve what wild we have left, and reconnect us to our wild side in the face of the technologies that are pulling us in the opposite direction.

Muy current work explores the wild..vast and lonley lands that remain untouched and untamed by us.

A blog of my thoughts, explorations, travels, and art