the places we go to feel small

Artist, Explorer, Environmentalist

What I do...

It’s easy to forget we're part of nature, that one day we existed in the wilderness. Now we are very much an indoor culture, spending 90% of our time inside. I find this incredible. We choose to spend much of our time looking at manmade items; walls and screens. Technology is slowly taking us away from our natural surroundings, encouraging us to look at everything though a screen, experiencing adventures and stories through technology, rather than first hand. As a child our imagination was limitless, and nature was our playground, we could do anything and be anything. Turning things off and stepping outside and living in the moment reminds me of this childlike sense of living and wonder. Living in London, the outdoors has always been a source of contentment and peace for me. Natural environments our important to this planet, not only for our own wellbeing, but for all the Flora and Fauna that inhabit these spaces.

I tell the stories of these lands in order to reconnect us to our wild side in the face of the technologies that are pulling us in the opposite direction…to encourage you to open the door and step outside.

Telling the stories of wilderness through imagery

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